Telemedicine | Cityvet Veterinarian


How to have an at-home video consultation with one of our friendly staff



PLEASE NOTE: It is always best for your pet to be examined in person by a veterinarian at the clinic. Telemedicine cannot replace a full examination and relevant tests in the clinic.  If it is possible it is best to find someone who is known to be healthy and not to have known to be exposed to COVID-19 to bring your pet to the clinic for you.  By accepting a Telemedicine consultation from one of our veterinarians you accept the limitations it presents. 


Step 1: Contact your preferred clinic by phone on 1300 CITYVET (1300 248 983), and select either Chatswood (option 2) or Waterford (option 1). Let the staff know you would like a tele-medicine consult. A fee of $57.80 applies for this service and is payable by card over the phone at the time of enquiry/booking.


Step 2: Supply staff with your mobile phone number and email address. Please ensure you have a mobile phone/ipad/tablet with email program, and a camera. Alternatively use a laptop with email program, camera, speakers and microphone that you can move or carry around with you. We will email you with a zoom video conference link url. 


Step 3: Download the zoom app to your phone or computer. Click on the url and follow instructions to download zoom, and connect 


Step 4: Discuss your concerns and the signs your pet is displaying with the staff. Give as much detail as possible. Ensure our staff can see your pet and areas of concerns via the camera (eg sore eye/s, ear/s, feet, skin lumps or lesions, bleeding wound or abscess, limping/holding up affected leg, squatting to urinate, vomiting etc). Our staff will assess your pet's history and clinical signs, and advise appropriately on treatment.


Step 5: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE TO ATTEND THE CLINIC IF YOU ARE POSITIVE FOR COVID-19, SUSPECTED TO BE EXPOSED TO COVID-19, OR ARE OTHERWISE SICK OR UNWELL. If your pet needs to attend the clinic and be admitted for treatment (drop-off consult) please present them as soon as possible, or arrange a low-risk family member/carer, friend, neighbour etc to bring them to the clinic for you. They will be handed over at the clinic door and admitted and triaged by our staff. IF THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE our staff may be able to collect your pet. In this case they will need to be adequately restrained (dogs on properly fastened and tightened collars/harnesses and leads, cats in fully enclosed and secured cat carry cages) - due to social distancing requirements we CANNOT have pets handed to us through house doors or other entrances. Our staff will attend in appropriate Personal Protective Equippment (PPE), and will collect the pet from the front of your property only (houses - front gate/driveway ,apartments/units/townhouses - front public gate/driveway). DUE TO THE SEVERITY OF COVID-19 UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE WE ALLOWED TO ENTER YOUR HOME. Once assessed we will contact you and discuss any further tests, procedures or treatments needed with you by phone. We will also advise of progress, costs and outcomes as necessary. If we can treat as an out-patient we will have medications ready for you to collect from the clinic at your convenience. If more intensive and longer treatments are needed we will discuss and care for your pet as required/instructed.


Step 6: Once your pet and/or medications are ready for collection we will notify you by phone. Please contact the clinic, pay the outstanding balance of your account over the phone by card, and arrange for your pet and/or medications to be collected from the front door of the clinic.