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About Us

Hello from the team at Cityvet!
Here at Cityvet we aim to provide the best quality veterinary care and service to every client and their pet - every time. We want our clients to have a positive experience, receive service they remember and always recommend us to others.
Dr. Alan Cornick
I've been a practicing Veterinarian since 1990.
Having spent my teenage years growing up in Logan,
I'm very proud of the quality of care Cityvet offers to local people.
I still live in the local area with my wife and two children,
my dog Rosie and cats, Whiskers and George.
Ira Poplavska 
I'm a Veterinary Nurse at Cityvet. I really enjoy my work
and can't imagine myself doing anything else. I started my career
as a volunteer nurse at RSPCA. Now I'm looking forward to being a surgery nurse.
I like to work with all animals, but cats are my favourite.
I have one cat, named Shaun the Cat, and he is a true member of our family.